Web Tech For Beginners

Different web technologies are used to provide web content and services over the Internet. Most people think only about website development when talking about web technology. However, a lot goes behind the scene before people can see a website and use its different elements, apps and services. Excellent it support services are needed even after the website is established and starts working. It requires occasional updates to ensure it meets the requirements of latest web standards.

Extra information about it support

Web Development

The job of web developers is to develop websites and web applications. They make sure the websites fulfil all specifications of their owners. They are responsible for programming every aspect of the website. It ensures the website functions as planned and complies with the latest web standards. Its users can use all its features and functions without any difficulty. Web developers work in close consultation with the web designer and other web experts. The website development project includes a team of all these experts. The project starts with the idea or brief provided by the client. The website is developed according to the specifications set by the client.

Web Designer

A web designer designs the website. The scope of this job covers the visual elements of a website. The designer ensures the website looks visually great, appeals to the target audience, fulfils the client's specifications, complies with the latest web standards, and makes it easy for the users to find all elements of the website. The designer must have knowledge of web designing programs. The professional has to work closely with other team members including the website developer.

Front-End Web Technology

A front-end web developer is responsible for programming user-facing elements of a website. They make sure the website works successfully across different browsers, platforms and devices. They have knowledge of different programs used to develop front-end elements of the website.

Back-End Web Development

A part of the web developer's jobs, it is focused on how the website works in relation to its server. Back-end Web developer is responsible for making sure the website and its applications connect to the server properly. It requires developing the database format. The programs are written to make the apps communicate with their database. The apps should read, write, delete and update data as instructed by the website users and owner. A back-end developer must have skills in database, server, cache, API and others.

Content Creators

Content developers are responsible for developing contents that website users see. They can read the written content, view the graphics, listen to the audio content and watch the video content. Services of content creators are needed to create all such contents for the website. Professional content writers are hired to write the text content. Services of video making company are used to make professional and high quality videos.

All these web technologies are combined together to ensure a smooth website viewing and functioning experience for the users. When everything works as planned, a website user is able to access the website, view all its pages, and check all its elements. Website users can input data in the forms and apps, and see the results based on the settings and programming implemented by the website owner.