Use These Web Design Trends to Grow Your Business Fast

web design trends

Growing any business is tough. As a business owner, you have to take care of everything. You are worrying about product creation, marketing campaigns and strategies, and growth plans all in the same day.

With so many tasks, it can be too easy to let a little thing like website design fall by the wayside. Pay attention as this may cost your business. If your website doesn’t cater to your customers’ needs, you may lose them.

According to the Harvard Business Review on what makes people want to complete a purchase from a specific website and the results showed that trustworthiness is the key. By making customers feel comfortable and safe when visiting your site, you have a much higher chance of encouraging them to complete a purchase and convince them to become your longtime buyers.

Strong website design is crucial in getting trustworthiness. Website design ranks high when determining if one brand seems trustworthy.

Here are essential web design trends that will help you grow your business exponentially.


Artificial Intelligence

Despite the rise in ecommerce sales over brick and mortar businesses, people are still looking for connections which is one of the reasons that AI is so popular.

Artificial Intelligence in website design can take various shapes, however, some popular examples include personalization, machine learning, and chatbots. Personalization and machine learning ingratiate an emotion of being special with users and in turn, increases brand loyalty.

Chatbots impact user experience more directly. While they provide an engagement element, one of the biggest advantages of adding chatbots into your website relates to customer service. Visitors can ask questions and get answers in real-time.

One example of chatbots within engaging app design is Quartz. Through funny memes and conversational interface, users are more likely to come back to consume the immersive content than they are to read boring articles on other apps.

Animated Calls to Action

Calls to action are absolutely necessary for website design. Your website visitors won’t know what to do next unless you tell them.

Telling your visitors what to do isn’t enough either. They are seeing instructions from all over the web. You need to do something extra to help your instructions stand out.

What should you do?

Adding a little animation to your action items might be the solution you are looking for. Whether it is a small interaction or a simple effect to catch visitors’ attention, customers are more likely to execute the action you are suggesting.

Need inspiration?

One of the best web design trend examples is Airbnb and their animation app. Their app, Lottie, uses graphics animations onto the calls to action throughout the app and the website.


Video Landing Page

Adding video to your website design is super easy. But, don’t just add any old YouTube tutorial. Take your website design to the next level by designing a video landing page.

You could target this video to a particular web page or call to action. Either of these approaches can provide customers with information and will improve UX and impression of your brand as a whole.


Custom Typography

Every website needs text, however, the days of Arial, Times New Roman and other basic fonts are over. You should take your message to the next level and use unique typography that shows your brand identity while communicating to users.

Typography can take many shapes and be found in different areas of your web design. Some brands may choose to use unique typography in their logo while others throughout the entire design to attract more attention.

Parallax Scrolling

Digital experience has improved many aspects of our everyday lives. But, there is this one negative impact – people are lazy. They are so lazy that clicking a button sometimes is difficult for them.

If this is the case, the best thing to do is to enter parallax scrolling.

The scrolling effect will keep visitors engaged. With a simple swipe, users can consume your information as they make their way down the pages.

This trend has also introduced single-page website designs and deep-scrolling designs. It can help you prioritize content for you to increase your visitors’ chance of seeing everything.

By investing in website design, you can build a dedicated and broad consumer base that will purchase your product now and in the future. There are many more design elements and eCommerce web design trends you can add into our designs but ultimately each should represent your brand, make users feel comfortable, draw attention to important CTAs, and give users the information they are looking for to make an informed decision.

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