Top 4 Reasons Why POS Systems Are Important

POS System

In the modern world that we are living in today, technology is the central element which propels businesses to move forward. If you are a retailer and you ignore or refuse to use the POS methodology, then its most likely that you will be left behind from the modern world of printed receipts, calculators and late night inventory checks. POS systems offer retailers user-friendly services which welcome their business to the 21st century. The following are reasons why a POS system is necessary for your business.

  1. Inventory management

There are three main factors of inventory management, and that is knowing how much you have, how much you moved and how much you need. In the prior years, that kind of tracking needed a lot of accounting, guesswork and balancing paperwork. Nowadays POS systems like BINGO streamline the process and carry out all the work for you. What you have to do is to scan the SKU number, a count and the price and the POS will do the rest of the work.

The POS systems track some of your biggest sellers, lets you know the type and number of items that you are needed to order, gives you the chance of creating a purchase order and keeps a record of the inventory which you are using. It can do all those functions in a small gadget such as an iPad or an iPhone.

  1. Integrated rewards system

If the POS systems aren’t enough to steer your POS system, I bet the integrated rewards system will. The integrated rewards systems tend to lure your clients. Because of that reason, it’s essential to integrate your rewards system together with the POS system. All you need is to enter your client’s information and track the things they purchase from then on. This keeps you at the forefront of offering excellent customer service. Say goodbye to massive card collections or stamp cards if you are using the integrated rewards systems.

  1. Invoicing options

If you have an existing product that promises to be a hit even before you shelve it, you can give your clients the chance of pre-ordering it before it lands. The customers can then pay later using the invoicing options on the point of sales systems. Using the invoicing options is similar to reserving a seat for a friend in a music concert or a sold-out event.

  1. 24/7 support

As a business owner you never really get tired with your business. Your business is and should be your passion. You should love your business wholeheartedly. You can get to enjoy more of your business with the convenience that comes with using the cloud computing with a POS system.

You can check sales numbers, customer analytics, purchase orders, inventory management and employee time cards from your home with just your iPad. If you also didn’t get ample time to ask questions about any of the features of the POS systems during the business hours, you can do this anytime. The POS systems have 24/7 support who are available for a whole week who will answer you if you have any questions that you need to ask.


You can use the Bingo POS which is integrated with all of the above features, which also has smooth and straightforward hardware integration. If you want to steer your business in the modern direction, then you should opt for the POS system. The POS systems will be of great benefit to your business. Your clients will be able to use the invoicing options, and also you get to enjoy the 24/7 customer support in case you have questions to ask.


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The Considerations to Make Before Purchasing a POS System

As a retailer, you need a point of sales system for you to be able to take and record transactions. Choosing the wrong POS system can be bad for your business. There are numerous POS systems that you can choose from and consider that can make you decide to stick with the standard paper ledger and cash register. Though I would highly advice you not to make that mistake, POS systems are necessary for your business. Below are some considerations to make as a retailer before buying that POS system.

  • Flexibility

Using credit, debit and gifts cards can be costly to use most of the times. Business owners work hard to ensure that they lower the expenses on their side and also for their clients by selecting a POS system with the most favourable terms. The sad thing is that business owners won’t always get the chance of choosing the terms for themselves.

A lot of POS system manufacturers will agree with a specific processor. The processor will then pay the POS manufacturer a commission from the sales generated from your business and in return for the right of processing the transactions from the POS maker’s clients. This method removes any ability of the company to shop for the best credit card solution.

  • Scale

Other than processing payments and taking orders consider other functions of the POS system. Did you have an idea that you can control labor reporting through the point of sales software? Or push coupons, advertising, and loyalty programs into the point of sales screen? Think of all the necessary things that your business might need shortly. You can make a list of the items that you must have and the nice things to have so that you can make a good decision. Also, avoid paying for features and software’s that you don’t require.

  • Compatibility

You won’t get a lot of benefits if your POS systems doesn’t integrate with your business software or accounting. Make sure that you use a point of sales system that can be easily combined with other upcoming technologies. Emerging e-commerce and payment technologies such as digital wallet, smart cards, Bluetooth beacons and smart cards aren’t widely used but are expected to grow in use in the coming years. Planning early for these types of innovations is essential. You can take action by confirming that your POS system houses your present software and upcoming development technologies.

  • Ease of use

A point of sales systems should be simple and easy to use even by the most inexperienced person. If you are operating a micro business, then you need a tablets bases point of sales system that will help you move around the store to cater for your clients without leaving the register unattended to. Some customers will pick up a tablet from one counter and take it to the next one. When you have a tablet-based POS system, you can go to the client instead of asking the client to come to you if the checkout line is long.

  • Security

About 46% of global credit card fraud happens through the POS systems. Hence protecting your clients and yourself is essential. As a retailer, it’s crucial to ensure that your POS system is integrated with the latest security standards. You can use encrypted chips for credit cards that will help protect the financial information of yourself and your customers.


Use the above considerations when purchasing that POS system for your business which will make it a lot easier for you when generating sales and also offer financial security.


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