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What is a POS software system?  POS stands for point of sale. This simply means a business cash register. POS is used in businesses or offices that sell goods and services to clients. Many retail outlets currently use retail POS for small businesses that one can visit physically. To a large extent, however, POS for retail businesses is mainly used by online stores which employ complex tools that utilize digital technology. When trying to choose the most suitable POS system for your business, what factors are most important? You will have to take into account such factors as pricing, various unique functionalities, and other special features.

In many ways, POS systems significantly support how businesses manage operations. They help you to be aware of what you need to order and when to do so. In this way, your shop will always be properly stocked.  They are also instrumental in the tracking of business inventories. POS systems are especially useful for the management of employees in a company. By using POS you enhance efficiency by optimizing your style of staff schedule. The result is a significant cost reduction. Ultimately POS systems effectively serve as virtual business advisors.

Key Features of Top POS Software for Retail Business

POS systems are generally designed to manage a number of similar tasks. Below are a few of the features that are common in most POS systems: Shopify is one of the best POS system for selling in store to focus in markets as Australia |United kingdom | India | Usa and Canada.

  • Inventory Control
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Shop Management
  • Payroll Customer
  • Follow up and Tracking
  • Automatic Creation of Purchase Order
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Automatic Price Updates
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Electronic Ordering (EDI)


By utilizing the benefits of POS, you can significantly enhance the overall productivity of business, improve your savings and obtain detailed information on your sales performance and state of the business. You will realize good returns and profitability which is the main aim of any business operation.

  Analyzing 3 Best POS Solutions for Small Retail Business

If we were to analyze the 3 most suitable POS software appropriate for small businesses, which ones would come tops? Broadly included among the best-known software systems for retail business are Toast POS, TouchBistro, Sapaad, Square, Cybersys, AB POS, Clover, Lavu, Vend, FastSpring, Lightspeed Retail, QuickBooks, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Skubana. Let us now analyze 3 of these best solutions:

  • Toast POS: 

Toast POS is specifically designed for US restaurants. It provides highly helpful features that businesses can use to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Additionally, it helps businesses update accounts conveniently and easily. It can also be used for better restaurant bookings, online orders, and perfect stock management. Toast significantly enables you to save time and improve the functionality of your organization. With Toast you will be able to provide high-quality services and also track order and data reports. It makes for easier and more accurate sales process due to its exceptional features. You can drive operational costs down while also increasing revenue.

With Toast, customers can pay through kiosks, choose a preferred payment mode and-happily- avoid unpleasant long-queues. You can set the kiosks to make orders before payment. This has the benefit of giving the kitchens enough time to prepare orders. You also greatly reduce waiting time for customers and seat guests in a systematic, timely manner. Overall, using Toast, your service will be a lot better streamlined. Toast POS is well known as being customer friendly and convenient since they easily sign receipts, pay bills and offer tips in an exciting, cashless and paperless transaction regime.

  • Sapaad

Sapaad is a popular cloud-based system that is convenient for both small and large businesses. It is very easy to use and great for food business all over the world. It is a powerful POS, loved by countless owners of restaurants. This is mainly due to its advanced features backed by regular updates.  It can better organize kitchens, resulting in greater client loyalty and better sales. It doesn’t require costly IT teams or expensive servers to run. It’s great for fostering the growth of small businesses with flexible, friendly pricing. Even more exciting, Sapaad does not come with costly licenses, hidden fees or set-up expenses. It is ideal for restaurants dealing with takeaway and delivery orders, walk-in, online and dine -in services. Sapaad has a unique offline mode. This takes away the worry if you are disconnected from the internet. The software ensures your operations remain on course even during times of no connections. With Sapaad you can easily track stock movement and cost in real time.

  • TouchBistro:

TouchBistro is another of those popular cloud-hosted POS. This software is specially designed for food service, making it the most used by bars, restaurants, deli and food trucks. It is uniquely crafted with the input of expert restaurant operators. It works to make food businesses offer fast and efficient service. TouchBistro is also unique in the sense that it helps you easily manage various parts of your restaurant simultaneously.  For instance, you can take orders per table, transfer events from one room to another and design floor layout.

The TouchBistro software is scalable and very flexible, besides being useful for a variety of businesses, large and small. Moreover, it offers a high level of timeliness and efficiency to any business. It is well-priced and user-friendly and properly-suited for large food businesses that would benefit from its advanced integration options and superior add-on features. For instance, TouchBistro enables you to enter orders directly into your iPad and straight into the kitchen using the wireless function. Since this POS uses a local connection, you don’t need to worry about disconnection from the internet. Its cloud-based nature, reporting functionality and reliable connection means that as a business owner you can track work anytime, even on the go.


There is no doubt that POS systems are truly invaluable tools. They greatly support how businesses operate and help you to manage tasks that are similar efficiently. You can use them for inventory control, general ledger, payroll customer and a host of other functions. Choose the POS system with the right features for optimal support of your business.


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