7 Web Technologies You Can’t Live Without (Especially Web Developers)

Web Technologies You Can’t Live Without

Web development comes with a set of techniques and rules every person using the Internet should know about. If you want a website to look as you want them to, you need to get familiar with these modern web technologies that will help you achieve your goal.

Building a website or app comes down to knowing 3 languages – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While it sounds complicated, once you know these languages, know what they are doing, and the way web technology works it becomes a lot easier.


Web Technology Introduction

You have heard the term web technology but did you ever think about what it means. Here is a quick web technology introduction.

Web technology is the markup language and multimedia packages computers use to communicate with each other. The computers can’t communicate the way people do and they need codes instead. In other words, web technology makes it easier for computers to communicate and share information with each other.


7 Most Important Web Technologies

Here are the latest web technologies:



Browsers request information and they show us in a way that is simple for us to understand. You can think of browsers as web interpreters. The most popular browsers are Google Chrome (the most popular browser by Google), Safari (Apple’s web browser), FireFox (Open-source browser by Mozzila), and Internet Explorer (by Microsoft).


Web Development Frameworks

Web development frameworks are starting points that a developer can use to avoid doing mundane or simple tasks and get right to the point.

  • Angular: Angular is one of the fastest web technologies designed for developing dynamic web applications. Using Angular, you can create front-end apps without needing to use other plugins or frameworks. The features include MVC architecture, well-made templates, code generation, etc.
  • Ruby on Rails: This is a server-side web-based technology that makes app development easier. The thing that sets Ruby on Rails apart is the reusability of the code and other cool features that will help you get the job done.
  • YII: This is an open-source application development framework and comes with a number of great tools for app testing. It is pretty simple and easy to use.


Programming Languages

Since computers don’t communicate using human languages, they need a different way to communicate. They need programming languages.

The most popular programming languages are JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go, Java, Swift, etc.

The web technology couldn’t exist without JavaScript. It is the most popular programming language and core web technology. If you want to learn more about it, you can start with training that covers all the basics.



The instructions for how to pass information between devices and computers are known as protocols.

  • HTTP: Thanks to HTTP, each website can get to the browser.
  • DDP: DDP uses websockets to create a connection between the server and the browser. As a result, you get website updates in real-time.
  • REST: REST is mostly used for APIs and has standard methods like Post, Get, and Put.



API or Application Programming Interface allows web developers to use some of the app’s functionality. Sharing the code is not necessary.

The endpoints are exposed by developers while the API can control access using the API key. A few web technology examples using APIs are those created by Google, Facebook, Twitter, for their web services.

Data Formats

Online data is stored in the structure also known as data format. The three most popular data formats are:

  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation is used for storing and exchanging data. It is one of the most popular data formats.
  • XML: It is mostly used by Microsoft systems and before JSON it was the most popular data format.
  • CSV: Excel data is one example of CSV. This data is formatted by commas.


Client and Server

Each user of an app is called a client. Clients can be mobile devices, computers, tablets, and other smart devices with a display. Usually, multiple clients are using the same app that is stored on a server.

The server stores the application codes. The client makes direct requests to the servers and the servers respond to requests after gathering the necessary information.

In order to stay up to date with these technologies, you must learn new things and trends all the time. Web technologies are being updated and improved all the time and every beginner or professional web developer should take advantage of that.

New web technologies could improve the web development process. When used right, you can do miracles and impress your website visitors.

Although web technologies can be hard to understand, with the right tutorials, you should be able to learn more.

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