Top 7 Web Development Technologies & Frameworks to Use in 2019

7 Web Development Technologies Frameworks

Knowing the trendiest web development technologies 2019 is necessary for the growth of your business. Otherwise, your business could be forgotten quickly and your customers will move to the next popular brand.

You should aim to build interactive web applications with the latest technology and tools to remain relevant.

We have found the best web development technologies and frameworks to take advantage of right now:


#1. Cake PHP

If you are looking for web app development technologies that will help you create web apps easier and faster, look no further and try Cake PHP. This is modern technology, with a unique system and flexible database access, you can build both small and complex apps. It is an exciting technology and is possible to reuse the code of your projects through it.

Cake PHP can help you save money and time as it speeds up the process of web app development. It is the best solution for commercial applications and is licensed under MIT license.


#2. Yii Framework

Are you planning to create web applications with repetitive tasks? Try Yii Framework cause this tool makes everything better. It is simple, efficient, secure, and fast. Also, it is 100% safe because it has built-in tools to help you write reliable and stable code.

It works similar to other frameworks. It enables you to get web applications in an active phase within a short period of time. It also offers you a secure data migration. You can upgrade the versions of your web application on various installations.


#3. Symfony

Symfony is a web application that was developed by Fabien Potencier. His web development agency supported this project. Symfony is a web application with a set of PHP modules (reusable modules).

One of the reasons why Symfony is one of the best web development technologies used is because it has all the features necessary for a web application development. Symfony comes with excellent documentation and has all kinds of plug-ins to speed up the creation of web applications.

The open-source components are free to use and you can also get standardized tools from the library. You can use the tools in your projects and avoid repetitive and boring tasks. The Model-View-Controller Design pattern makes everyone’s work better, especially when working in a team.

If you have complex projects, this is without a doubt, the best technology to use. You can use Symfony to build web apps that can change according to your business needs.

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#4. React JS

Created by a software engineer who was working for Facebook – Jordan Walke, Reach JS is today one of the best web development technologies and frameworks.

If you are looking for a web technology for creating a single page application, React JS is your best option. You can use it to solve the view layer for both mobile and web apps. You can also use this technology with JavaScript frameworks. Reach JS is fast, simple, and scalable.

Some features React JS offers are JSX, React Native, Single-way data flow.


#5. Node js

Known as a runtime Javascript tool built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node js allows web developers use JavaScript programming language to write command-line tools. It is also used for server-side scripting to produce dynamic web page content before the web page is sent to the user’s browser.

One survey conducted by Stack revealed that most web developers preferred using Node to create back-end apps.

Examples of MVC Node Js frameworks include Hapijs, Express js, Total js, Sails js, etc. Node is created to build horizontally and vertically scalable web apps that offer zero downtime.


#6. is another programming language used to build various web apps. It has libraries, tools, and programming languages to support the creation of these apps. It is a cross-platform and is free to use.

This platform is popular among web developers. Build in 2002 by Microsoft, it is popular because of its expertise to create rich web pages and applications. Most businesses love using it for web development and web applications.


#7. Angular

Angular is built by Google and is launched as a JavaScript framework. It has eight versions and each one can be used to make fast single-page web apps.

The immense popularity and open-source development have made Angular top web development framework in 2019. At the end of 2018, the open-source library was launched. It included every component required to build a web app.

Web applications are important in the business branding process. They make your business simple and help you accomplish your goals faster. Through web apps, you can meet the demands of your business and target many new customers.

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