7 Current Trends in Web Design Everyone Should Know

7 current trends in web design

Did you know that 75% of customers judge the trustworthiness and credibility of your business from your website’s design?

This is because today’s web visitors are more judgemental than ever. They are only growing more so the people who have grown up with the internet take on a larger percentage of that population.

Modern and strong web design is important to your brand’s reputation and your business future.

In this article, we’ll present current trends in web design that are not only popular among web designers but they also offer value to a wide range of businesses.

As you explore the web design trends 2019, ask yourself which trends will support your brand and business. Does a particular trend match your brand identity?


Strong User Experience Design

In 2019, people are web-savvier than ever before. Users expect an impeccable online experience, from start to finish and failure to meet those expectations can bring trouble to your business.

For example, imagine visiting a website to buy something. You have a hard time finding the product you are looking for and the check out process is super confusing. What do you do? Would you stick to buy the product or you bail out? If you are honest, you would probably bail.

A poor UX is turning away potential customers.


Custom Graphic Design

If you want to stand out in a competitive marketplace, you must distinguish yourself from the competition. If you use generic website templates, you can’t really accomplish this. Website templates have improved over the years and today they are more customizable than ever. However, they are still templates and that means other websites will use the same design.

This year, customized and unique web design is a must if you want to differentiate from the competition.


Bright and Bold Colors

Bright colors are another big trend in 2019. Computer screens can deliver saturated and vibrant color more easily than print media. Color is one of the most powerful visual components available.

The right color can improve readership by 40% by making messaging easier and more visually appealing. In fact, people make up their minds within 2 minutes of their interactions with people or products and 90% of the assessment is based on colors.

Choosing the right color for your website can make the difference between failed and successful sales.


One of the latest web design trends is gradients. In fact, gradients go hand-in-hand with bright colors.

Modern screen technology is excellent at executing the color blending that is important to make gradients look beautiful. But that is not the reason why gradients are so popular in web design.

They provide visual interest without being too annoying. That is what makes them so great.

Also, they don’t compete with text and as long as you make the right color choices, they won’t compete with graphics either.


Responsive Design

Responsive web design adapts to the shape and size of the device screen used to see your website.

Responsive design delivers an excellent user experience for everyone interested in visiting your website.

Responsive design has become so necessary that some businesses are designing responsive logos to fit different screen sizes.


Strong Mobile Integration

More users than ever access the internet from their smartphones than from their tablets or laptops. Mobile devices are the most popular way to access a website. This is why your web design needs to support mobile users.

Need more reasons to go responsive? No, right?

Around 50% of all users started their search for something they needed on a mobile device. You should seriously consider this fact and the fact that Google penalizes websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Every business needs to update and optimize their website for smartphones. Failure to provide a mobile user experience will turn buyers away.


Dynamic Scrolling

In 2019, scrolling is coming back as a new trend. At the end of the day, users are willing to scroll if a website is engaging and well-designed. Dynamic scrolling design involves designing your own website in a way that makes it obvious that there is more for the visitor to see.

This may include visually cutting off shapes, diagonal graphics, revealing hidden visual elements, etc. This year, we expect to see graphic designers moving visitors through their designs with dimensional scrolling design.

Keeping up with the new web design trends can be a great opportunity to attract more visitors and convert them into buyers.

Your website is an important component of your brand and as your marketing strategy and brand evolves, your website should as well.

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