6 Web Technology Trends in 2019 Everyone Should Know

6 Web Technology Trends in 2019 Everyone Should Know

Standards in web technology change faster than they can be implemented and used. In order to stay one step ahead, it is important to focus on techniques, trends, and approaches that are gaining attention.

We have analyzed various tendencies across different industries to create a list of web technology trends 2019. Regardless of what your interests are, you should be aware of these six trends.


Data Security

There more data one web app processes, the more attractive it is for cybercriminals. They try to spoil your services and steal your data and personal information. This can cause serious problems for your website, as well as, your reputation.

Web service security should be your priority. To keep user data safe in 2019, you need to:

  • Use website monitoring tools
  • Conduct security testing
  • Choose reliable third-party services
  • Encrypt sensitive information

Machine Learning

AI or Artificial Intelligence affects our daily activities without even knowing it. This is actually the main point of machine learning.

Machine learning is the ability of software to ease things and improve performance without direct input from web developers. The software makes decisions, detects patterns, and analyzes incoming data.

For example, Airbnb used machine learning to customize search results for users to increase the chances of host acceptance. A machine learning algorithm analyzes the request decisions of each Airbnb host. Accordingly, the search results listings that are accepted rank higher. As a result, all users are treated according to the new algorithm which significantly improved customer satisfaction and boosts revenue.

Machine learning, as one of the latest web technology trends, is used in web apps in various industries including finance, healthcare, agriculture, education, etc. This technology provides improvements that would be impossible to achieve without Artificial Intelligence.


Voice Search

In 2019, we are seeing the beginning of a new era – the voice search era. Every smartphone is equipped with a voice assistant, Google Assistant for Android phones and Siri for iPhones.

The reasons behind this voice search popularity are affordability and ease of use. Digital voice assistants are a common phone feature. Smart speakers empowered with Artificial Intelligence are also gaining popularity. Both elders and children can interact with voice interfaces.

Voice search is a huge trend in eCommerce and is applicable to all businesses around the world.


Internet of Things

Here is a question for you – What are the main devices you use to browse on the web? If you are most people, you will probably say a smartphone and a laptop. But, a much greater number of smart devices are able to connect to the web. In other words, we mean the Internet of Things.

Right now, a lot of devices come with a screen and web apps optimized for display such as refrigerators, smartwatches, smart speakers, and more will gain popularity.

In 2019, it is trendy to adapt web applications for small screens. In fact, mobile-friendliness is not a trend but a necessity.


Although blockchain has lost some popularity due to cryptocurrency unstable exchange rates, there is no doubt that this modern technology is here to stay.

Blockchain wallets have switched from desktop apps to web apps and are perfect for storing cryptocurrency amounts and offer ease of use. We can see that the popularity of web wallets continues to grow and that is one of the reasons why you need to consider this new sphere.

Another blockchain implementation is also popular and is called dapps or decentralized apps. The dapps were created native but slowly they are moving to the web.

The most popular open-source platform for blockchain projects is Ethereum and recently has released a JavaScript library. This library allows easy development of those that interact with Ethereum blockchain, for instance, writing and reading data, creating smart contracts, transferring between two accounts, etc.

The library is also available for Java, Python, Swift, PHP, Scala, and other programming languages.

Although the hype around blockchain is gone, it doesn’t mean that shouldn’t start developing solutions that take the best advantage of this technology.


Motion UI

Motion design is one of the biggest web development technology trends 2019. A simple and minimalistic design combined with sophisticated interactions not only look good but they also draw attention.

For example, think of nice hovers, header transitions, background animations, animated charts, and modular scrolling. These elements may help you show off your beautiful style and impress the user.

By following the latest advancements in web technology, you can improve your web ranking, please your users with an incredible experience, and open new markets for your products and services.

Generally speaking, these trends are worth your attention so don’t hesitate to start implementing them right now.

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