Improve Your Conversion Rates With These 6 Web Design Trends

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Appealing website design is necessary if you want to run a successful business and present your brand in the best way possible. However, you can’t lose sight of what the purpose of your website is – to convert traffic into phone calls, lead-form submissions, physical store visits, and sales.

Without these actions, you can’t really generate profit. The more conversions your site produces, the more revenue your business is going to have.

So, if you are looking for a way to improve your conversion numbers, implementing innovative web design trends is the key.

Here are 6 web design trends to consider:


Simplicity + Bold Colors

As more and more businesses seek to stand out among competition online, more website owners will continue to adopt bright and bold colors.

Not only are these colors brilliant but they are also effective attention-grabbers which is something online brands can use.

When most web designs have turned towards safe shadows and shades, it is time for you to demonstrate your brand’s innovative thinking and daring personality. Depending on the target market, this can be a great thing that brings loyalty.

Effective and simple websites are the kind of websites that make you want to reach them and grab the product. Simplicity in general, is one of the top ecommerce web design trends of recent years and is here to stay.

The use of bold colors reflects the growing sophistication of technology in general. These days, everyday consumers carry powerful smartphones which are capable of displaying eye-catching imagery. Beautiful imagery has become the norm customers expect.


Asymmetric Layouts

Most websites you see on the web are grid-based. Not that well-arranged pages are bad, but in 2019, asymmetrical structures are a better option.

Personal websites are taking this idea by storm. Broken-grid structures are appealing due to their uniqueness.

But, there is a need to be careful here.

Brands with large amounts of content might find implementing asymmetric design a chaotic web experience for their visitors. Such a brand may do well to reconsider the idea and switch to a more fitting design and keep users happy.

The key to beautiful websites when working with asymmetry lying in balance. To create balance in such a design, it is important to make sure that no part of the page is heavier than the rest. For example, using larger images is fine but only if they are balanced with space, text, and other elements.


Adding More Depth

Modern web designers have developed this web design full of varying colors and drop shadows to add depth and give the websites a more complex but attractive look. Creating flat designs that appear 3-dimensional makes them more visually attractive and will lead users to the next step of the purchasing process.

Some of the most popular techniques to add more depth to web designs include using gradients, drop shadows, and two-color schemes.

Keep the Navigation Simple

When discussing web design elements trends, we couldn’t proceed without mentioning how important the navigation on your site is for converting visitors into buyers.

When potential customers land on your site they need to be able to find what they need within a few seconds. If they have to search for longer than that, they are going to leave.

You need to keep the navigation menu as simple as possible. If you add too many options, you will overwhelm and confuse your visitors. Explain clearly what you want your visitors to complete.


Voice-Capable Interface

With millions of devices using smart virtual assistants like Google Now, Siri, Cortana, more and more people are embracing voice over text. This is due to the convenience of speaking into a device and not taking the time to enter your requests manually.

Device screens are also becoming smaller and voice-powered models take up little space and personalize content delivery in a unique way, in a way text might not.

The introduction of these modern interfaces by businesses remains slow. However, evidence suggests it is only a matter of time before this technology takes over as the exclusive input option for the online buyers.


Scalable Vector Graphics

People love multimedia and websites that host multimedia content rank higher than text-only websites when it comes to retaining visitors.

All website owners should make the switch to mobile-first and responsive designs that put mobile prioritization at the center of the design process without sacrificing visual content.

Scalable vector graphics are not pixels but an important responsive design trend. These graphics ensure the consistent quality of the user experience for all mobile visitors.

Do you have any website-conversion tips or web design trends 2019 to add to this list? If yes, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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