10 Web Development Trends to Consider for Business Prosperity


Online businesses rely on creating websites that are attractive to their visitors. In order to ensure higher sales, businesses prefer to remain up-to-date with the newest web development trends. These trends provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience and higher generation of products’ sale.

This year has brought in some new eCommerce web development trends and carried forward some previous one from 2018.

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Push Notifications

Push notifications started out as a call-to-action from web viewers. Push notifications today are a popular trend which majority of ecommerce websites follow. If you have noticed a sign on top of a web page that prompt you for sending notifications, that is a perfect example of a push notification.



We can all agree that font matters.

Internet is about giving information to people through visual or written content. Text is a major source of content and the way it appears on the website is very, very important. Typography is essential for website development where there is emergence of fonts to help your content look more attractive to its readers.

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)

Web development trends 2019 list wouldn’t be complete without progressive web apps. Majority of browsers support these apps and their modern features. This implies that businesses can start to offer an app-like experience through mobile web.


Single Page Applications

Single page applications are based on programming language or JavaScript that works well among various devices. Apart from high performance, it minimizes obstacles and interruptions caused by web page loading.

Single page applications are a great choice for creating responsive websites that support desktop, tablet, and mobile applications. I guess, 2019 will be the year when single page apps become popular with Angular and React frameworks as these two platforms are best for hybrid apps.



Many ecommerce websites are adding chatbots to their website. One of the main reasons is that chatbots help in customer engagement with better chances of selling the product. As Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts are integrated in chatbots creation, the creation with buyers is going to be more relevant and human-like.


Modules for Web Page Creation

The concept of web page creation is no longer limited by the developer community. Thanks to the content management systems, web pages can be created through special modules. You can select a module and drop it into your website.

Also, the concept of drag-and-drop will become a normal action for creating web pages.


Tracking User Behavior

Considering the importance of data collection, the concept of tracking user behavior has caught the attention of tech community. In fact, there is a whole scenario related to how consumers think, act, and make decisions online.

CRO tools have helped businesses by allowing statistics on what works for increasing customer flow and sales on the website. When tracking user behavior, you have better chances of knowing about how users engage on your site and what actually brought them there. A call to action, taking a quiz or reading a blog are some of the possible ways a user can land on your website.

There are many free and paid tools for user behavior tracking that are used for website development. Google Analytics is the first choice for the majority of businesses.


One of the most important and best web development trends is Blockchain. It provides automatic protection, smart contracts, and more.

In future years, Blockchain technology will be opening doors for crowd-funding, as well as, P2P commerce. Gone are the days when Blockchain was just for Bitcoin currency.



Longreads help in presenting images, text, icons, and animations for telling a complete story. The user can scroll down to the page and cling on to the most important points through it. This is a perfect option for sharing large chunks of content as it helps in understanding and better readability of the content.


Motion UI

Motion UI is a web development trend for its state-of-the-art animation, high usability, and dynamic graphics. Motion UI helps web developers in the process of storytelling by using a wide range of techniques or tools.

Motion UO comes with transition effects on the user interface. Web developers can take advantage of Motion UI techniques without a coding background or expertise in JavaScript. This is just one of the reasons why this trend is popular and will continue to be this year.

When done right, web development can move a business to new heights. It is important to use the right combination of techniques and resources for success. By relying on your web development needs, you can create a workable and cost-effective solution that can drive your business up to the next level.

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